Cloud service for testing tools

Cloud service for testing tools

Spend more time building software by using effective cloud testing tools

Let’s make our Cloud work for you

For our clients, we can offer a cloud-based way of providing our tools and services. Tools are installed on our cloud and are accessible remotely for our clients anytime and anywhere. In this way, we will save time and costs and streamline the way we work on the project.

This includes Test Management, Defect Management, Test Automation, AI-driven tools, or non-functional testing tools for performance and security.

We have a lot of experience in providing outsourcing services to entities operating in various sectors. Many of our satisfied customers already perceive our cooperation as a partnership. It has been proven by long-term cooperation with specific customers and expanded the use of our services on their several projects, executed either in parallel or one after another.

Benefits for our client

Improvement of the software quality and value

Costs reduction of the overall software development cycle

Timely delivery of software products and services

Possible flexibility of the testing team

Enhanced efficiency of the entire development team

The vital points below are a set of necessary points which have to be fulfilled based on previous use cases and results. Otherwise, overall QA and quality control before the SW delivery/handover will most likely not meet the standards.

As per our recommendation:

  • The legislation for government-used software must be able to separate the QA/SW Testing from the Development in a particular tender.
  • Rules for communication and reporting to government personnel must follow all findings contained in the strategy via “triangle “shape representation.(Obj.1)
  • The communication process has to be conducted regularly, at a minimum, before and after every release/update.
  • The member/s of the QA team has to be present at the beginning of the customer (governing body) and SW developer planning as a government’s “partner “, perceiving all possible risks which might occur during the development process from a quality perspective.
  • The QA entity in the relationship to the Developing entity has to be viewed as an independent authority.
  • Our consulting activity is not only at the level of taking over the software testing but mainly controls the processes in the framework of QA and testing of the supplier’s software (Testing Strategy)
  • We are controlling the progress of software development and the testing itself.
  • We are Controlling the SW quality already during the individual milestones (releases) of the project life-cycle.
  • Assesses and comments on the design of test cases, their completeness and the method of performing tests and the use of available and modern tools to support and monitor testing.
  • We analyse and suggest a particular set of tools to support testing (Management, Automation, Performance, etc.).
  • Provides supervision over the management of requirements (functional / non-functional).
  • Ensures supervision and control over Test cases, their quality, complexity and maximum coverage of defined requirements.
  • Provides supervision and preparation for automated testing – from the point of view of the used technology, efficiency, coverage (the customer can use it primarily in operation in the future when delivering new realisations).
  • Provides supervision and preparation for performance testing (the customer can use it primarily in operation in the future when delivering new releases).
  • Provides oversight of Defect Management.
  • Ensures supervision over the acceptance of the work and is cooperative in the preparation and execution of the UAT.

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