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Technological Services

Technological Services

Our company implements projects in the field of testing, based on proven methodologies and procedures applicable to the software testing. Besides, the company can adapt itself also to methodologies used by our clients. Our methodological procedures for the software testing are independent from testing tools. However, our practical experience has proven that use of supporting tools for both testing management and test performance can help our clients to improve the quality of the testing process as well as its speed. An additional important benefit of such tools is their ability to well arrange the testing process and provide for a simple monitoring of the software development.

In our company, the following tools and technologies are used for testing of information systems: Hewlett-Packard - Quality Centre, QuickTest Pro, LoadRunner
Borland (A Micro Focus Company) - SilkCentral, SilkPerformer, SilkTest
IBM - Rational ClearQuest, Functional Tester, AppScan
SmartBear - SOAP UI, LoadUI, TestComplete
Atlassian - JIRA
and open source tools for example - JMeter, Selenium IDE



Hewlett-Packard is an international company dealing with information technologies. It provides tools for management of the quality assurance processes and testing automation through a combination of requests management, tests and defects. In 2007, HP and Mercury (testing tools provider) performed an acquisition and they provide nowadays testing products under the HP brand.

These are able to provide solutions for: Business processes verification
Testing on the basis of business risks
Quality management by the means of the application life-cycle

Selected Software Products:

HP Quality Center

Maintain consistent QA procedures across the application lifecycle. This integrated IT quality management software helps you to standardize testing, reduce costs, and monitor performance and fix defects.

Gain full visibility into developer activity and lifecycle processes from requirements management to testing and fixing defects. Easily capture, edit, and track requirements and test earlier in the lifecycle to improve quality.
Accelerate and automate functional testing with a component-based test framework. Built-in workflow functionality helps ensure that business processes are followed and functionality meets quality guidelines.
Streamline and speed exploratory software testing for Agile software development teams. Combine manual and automated testing for maximum flexibility and responsiveness of your testing program.
Manage quality by using consistent, repeatable software testing processes. Track release progress and quality to foster collaboration and visibility. Calculate the risk and testing effort for all your requirements with risk-based testing.
Improve effectiveness and results by synchronizing requirements and defect data. Integrate QA and testing to simplify lifecycle management across multiple tools and projects for reduced cost and increased quality.

Unified functional testing (UFT)

Make test automation more efficient and help developers and testers collaborate. This functional test automation software—formerly QuickTest Professional (QTP)—helps deliver quality software at the speed your business needs.

Use a single GUI for automating all types of functional testing. This easy-to-use visual experience helps you create automated testing for both GUI functionality and the back-end service (application business logic) parts of an application.
Jump-start creation of new automations by importing manual testing assets such as recordings. Convert the results into reusable test automation assets for regression and integration tests.
Manage testing through the Agile development cycle by integrating it into continuous integration tools and making it part of your nightly build. Integrations help you create reusable test plans, share test assets, and manage versions.
Test more with less effort: UFT supports integration with Business Process Testing, a framework of reusable test components that enables testers to rapidly assemble tests by drag-and-drop.
Don’t let new technologies derail your automated software testing. Patented Insight Test Automation recognizes unfamiliar objects as new technologies and incorporates them. You can complete the workflow and even perform actions on them such as clicking and entering data.
Leverage the industry’s broadest technology support for all your testing needs. Automate testing for your wide variety of application types across browsers, APIs, mobile platforms, ERP applications, and legacy environments.

HP LoadRunner

Get an accurate picture of end-to-end system performance. This application load testing software tool helps you to identify and resolve issues before application go-live.

Dramatically reduce the amount of time and skill required to script. Make testing of Web 2.0 and mobile web applications faster, easier, and more comprehensive.
Test a range of applications—including mobile, Ajax, Flex, HTML 5, .NET, Java, GWT, Silverlight, SOAP, Citrix, ERP, and legacy—from a single, easy-to-use, integrated software testing tool.
Test both browser-based and native mobile applications using the most advanced network behavior and service virtualization in the industry.
Run simple, elastic, and realistic tests from multiple geographies by scaling load testing in the cloud up and down to simulate the demands of business applications.
Identify application performance bottlenecks by using non-intrusive, real-time performance monitors that leverage application-layer and code-level data for root cause and analytics.

HP SiteScope

Reduce time to repair and the number of monitoring tools. This agentless application monitoring software provides heterogeneous and hybrid support, quick time to value, and ease of installation, configuration, and use.

Configure and automate application monitoring for today’s dynamic cloud environments using APIs, Operation Orchestration flows, and Cloud Service Automation.
Dynamically update by adding and removing counters and thresholds as virtual machines move from one host system to another, and change thresholds based on historical monitoring data.
Achieve fast ROI—zero to value in less than 60 minutes—through rapid installation, updating, monitoring, and deployment by using mass-deploy templates and the Publish Changes feature.
Monitor utilization, response time, usage, and availability across a variety of host types and application platforms including Cisco, Citrix, Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, Siebel, WebLogic, and much more.
Incorporate a broad range of virtualization platform and monitoring types including Amazon Web Services monitoring and Amazon Cloud Watch integration for auto-scaling, alerting, and reporting support.
Monitor products from multiple vendors to predict potential problems in critical applications before users are affected.

Technological Services


Among the products offered by Borland, there are integrated software solutions for quality assurance (QA) administration, control and management of software applications.

These solutions allow to: Address QA problems right at the beginning of applications development, they are focused on the quality during the entire lifecycle of applications (requirements for application, design, development)
Provide co-operation and visibility during the entire software lifecycle and conformity among the business, development and QA requirements
Have a complex approach to quality control of the software solution; systematically decrease repair and maintenance costs

For more information about the mentioned products, please visit an official MicroFocus forum.

Selected Software Products:

Borland® Silk Central™

Silk Central is the open test management solution which delivers visibility and control across the entire testing process – is Borland’s answer to your test management problems. It is the engine that delivers better software, faster at every stage of the application lifecycle.

provides goal and requirement-driven test management, coordinating technologies, resources, team capabilities, and meaningful deliverables to promote quality, collaboration, efficiency, and confidence.
is an unparalleled solution for agile, traditional, and transitional project teams. By giving visibility into the effectiveness of testing activities across distributed projects, it provides a unified framework for managing manual, functional and automated performance activities.
protects investments by integrating with existing unit, functional and performance test suites. Silk Central is open and accessible by all tools and teams, allowing consolidated management and visibility of testing activities that take place at every point in the software development life cycle.

Borland® Caliber®

Caliber is the complete requirements management tool
Managing requirements with documents is complicated and inefficient: tasks include organizing documents, maintaining version control, collaboratively updating content and facilitating the review process.
Because Caliber focuses on individual requirements, not documents teams only address requirements within the scope of a particular review or change process. Caliber can handle the requirements management of large enterprise waterfall programs and small, agile teams. It optimizes requirements management practices, including:

Understanding requirements
Securing a commitment to requirements
Managing requirement changes
Maintaining bi-directional traceability (impact analysis)
Ensuring project work and requirements alignment

Borland® Silk Test™

Silk Test - Delivering improved test automation
Silk Test helps organizations deliver better software while lowering development costs. Easy to use, the Silk Test automation tool helps all types of users, regardless of technical capability, to collaborate more effectively. The sooner you test the easier it is to detect and fix defects and increased collaboration enables customers to test sooner and more often within the lifecycle to eliminate bugs, defects – and project delays.

Automated testing - Achieve fast, reliable functional and regression testing

Silk Test is a test automation solution for development, quality and business teams who need to deliver software faster
With Silk Test you can create and execute tests across multiple platforms and devices to ensure that your applications work exactly as intended

Borland® Silk Performer®

Silk Performer is performance testing
The problem:
Even though it’s a key part of the process in delivering quality software to market, performance testing remains an optional phase in many projects because of:

Prohibitive cost of test hardware systems
Limited access to test tools
Inaccurate test scenarios
No time allotted
Difficulty of use
Limited application support

The solution - Silk Performer

removes these barriers. Easy to use, Silk Performer has the versatility of shared licensing, technical accuracy, wide environment support and uses testing hardware more efficiently.
is an integrated, powerful and easy-to use load and performance testing solution for optimizing the performance of business applications. Silk Performer makes it easy to create accurate and realistic tests that simulate tens – or even tens of thousands – of users in a wide range of enterprise environments including the latest web 2.0 and mobile technologies.
tests isolate issues and bottlenecks that could impact reliability, performance and scalability. Intuitive diagnostic and analysis capabilities within Silk Performer help resolve those issues quickly, reducing test-and-fix cycles, accelerating time-to-market and supporting critical release decisions related to application performance.

Borland® Silk Mobile™

Silk Mobile - Better mobile testing As mobile device usage grows, organizations must ensure their software works across the diverse mobile landscape. Silk Mobile improves the quality of mobile apps while lowering the cost of developing them by helping mobile QA teams do more with less. Silk Mobile delivers functional and performance automation across mobile devices in a simple interface, so organizations can validate business and consumer apps directly on mobile devices.

Silk Mobile - Mobile testing tool - Getting your apps to market with confidence

Streamline your test environment: multiple scripts, one machine
Delivers the insight needed to create a great mobile performance
Supports the latest mobile OS including iOS7, WP8, Android and BlackBerry
Gesture Support imitates the user experience, including drag and drop, zoom and scrolling



IBM is an international technology leader doing business in the IT sector. Its main portfolio consists of production and sale of the PC hardware, software and consultation services provisioning. Moreover, IBM deals with the electronic industry sectors using nanotechnologies.

IBM Rational

IBM Rational are tools for the software development providing for designing and construction of applications, software configuration management, software quality management and support both the development and installation process.

Tools for the Software Quality Management
Tools for the software quality management, considering features of the software quality, functionality, reliability and performance in the process of its development and creation, support testing of both the software and systems. In addition, they provide for the software quality assurance by the means of testing, start up, results of analysis and QA management.

Selected Software Products:

IBM® Rational® ClearQuest®

IBM® Rational® ClearQuest® is application lifecycle management (ALM) software that provides flexible change and defect tracking, customizable processes, real-time reporting and lifecycle traceability for better visibility and control of the software development lifecycle. This solution provides scalable, multiplatform support to any size organization, so you can continue to use your customized processes as your organization’s needs evolve. Rational ClearQuest supports the IBM AIX®, HP-UX, Linux®, Sun Solaris and Microsoft® Windows® operating systems.

Rational ClearQuest can improve visibility and control of software development projects.

Enhance software quality with built-in defect and change-tracking capabilities.
Customize and automate workflows for greater efficiency and predictability. Develop best practices with the ALM template.
Simplify compliance management with tools that help you efficiently manage compliance processes and track approvals.
Gain visibility into projects with real-time reports for better decision making.
Leverage enhanced integrations with several other IBM lifecycle products for a complete ALM solution.

IBM® Rational® ClearQuest® MultiSite

IBM® Rational® ClearQuest® MultiSite provides distributed access to defect tracking and software change management processes through replication and synchronization of Rational ClearQuest repositories. With this scalable, extensible solution, you can extend software change management across geographically distributed projects and support collaboration across dispersed teams of any size.

Rational ClearQuest MultiSite contains all the great features of Rational ClearQuest plus support for distributed teams.

Collaboration across distributed teams allows easier management and tracking of development activities.
Software quality assurance is enhanced with built-in defect and change-tracking capabilities.
Real-time reporting gives you better visibility with access to complex data visualization and a number of reporting engines.
Simplified compliance management tools help you efficiently manage compliance processes and track approvals.
Enhanced integrations with several other IBM lifecycle products offer greater productivity and a complete application lifecycle management (ALM) solution.

IBM® Rational® Functional Tester

IBM® Rational® Functional Tester is an automated functional testing and regression testing tool. This software provides automated testing capabilities for functional, regression, GUI, and data-driven testing. Rational Function Tester supports a range of applications, such as web-based, .Net, Java, Siebel, SAP, terminal emulator-based applications, PowerBuilder, Ajax, Adobe Flex, Dojo Toolkit, GEF, Adobe PDF documents, zSeries, iSeries, and pSeries.

Storyboard testing: Simplifies test visualization and editing using natural language and rendered screenshots.
Automated testing: Enables testers to automate tests resilient to frequent application user interface changes with ScriptAssure technology.
Data-driven testing: Lets you perform the same series of test actions with a varying set of test data.
Test scripting: Combines a recorder of user actions with multiple customization options and intelligent script maintenance capabilities.
Integrations: Integrates with IBM Rational Team Concert and IBM Rational Quality Manager to provide access to work items and logical or compound SCM test asset support.

IBM® Rational® Performance Tester

IBM® Rational® Performance Tester is a performance testing solution that validates the scalability of web and server applications. Rational Performance Tester identifies the presence and cause of system performance bottlenecks and reduces load testing complexity.

Rational Performance Tester helps you quickly execute performance tests that analyze the impact of load on your applications.

Code-free testing enables you to create test scripts without programming.
Root cause analysis tools find and diagnose the cause of performance problems.
Real-time reporting enables immediate recognition of performance problems and renders a browser-like view of test results in web pages.
Test data can be generated from scripts, data pools with automated variation, and the insertion of custom Java® code for flexible test customization.
Load testing helps ensure applications are able to handle large user loads prior to deployment.

IBM® Rational® Robot

IBM® Rational® Robot automates regression, functional and configuration testing for e-commerce, client/server and enterprise resource planning (ERP) applications. It is used to test applications based on a wide variety of user interface technologies. This software integrates with the IBM Rational TestManager solution to provide desktop management support for all testing activities.

Rational Robot software:

Simplifies configuration testing—you can use Rational Robot to distribute functional testing among many machines, each one configured differently. You can simultaneously run the same functional tests to reduce the time needed to identify problems with specific configurations.
Tests many types of applications—Rational Robot supports a wide range of environments and languages including HTML and DHTML, Java, VS.NET, Microsoft Visual Basic and Visual C++, Oracle Developer/2000, PeopleSoft, Sybase PowerBuilder and Borland Delphi.
Ensures testing depth—with the click of a mouse, Rational Robot tests beyond an application´s user interface to the hundreds of properties of its component objects, including ActiveX Controls, OCXs, Java applets and more.
Tests custom controls and objects—Rational Robot allows you to test each application component under varying conditions. It provides test cases for menus, lists, alphanumeric characters, bitmaps and many more objects.
Provides an integrated programming environment—Rational Robot generates test scripts in SQABasic. This integrated multiple document interface (MDI) scripting environment allows you to view and edit your test script while you are recording.
Helps you analyze problems quickly—Rational Robot automatically logs test results into the integrated Rational Repository, and color codes them for quick visual analysis. By double-clicking on an entry, you are brought directly to the corresponding line in your test script to ensure fast analysis and correction of test script errors.
Enables reuse—Rational Robot helps ensure you can reuse the same test script, without any modification, to test an application running on Microsoft Windows XP, Windows ME, Windows 2003, Windows 2000, Windows 98 or Windows NT.

IBM® Security AppScan®

IBM® Security AppScan® enhances web application security and mobile application security, improves application security program management and strengthens regulatory compliance. By scanning your web and mobile applications prior to deployment, AppScan enables you to identify security vulnerabilities and generate reports and fix recommendations.

Product editions:

IBM Security AppScan Enterprise: Enables organizations to mitigate application security risk, strengthen application security program management initiatives and achieve regulatory compliance.
IBM Security AppScan Standard: Helps organizations decrease the likelihood of web application attacks and costly data breaches by automating application security vulnerability testing.
IBM Security AppScan Source: Helps organizations lower costs and reduce risk exposure by identifying web-based and mobile application source code vulnerabilities early in the software development lifecycle, so they can be fixed before deployment.
Arxan Application Protection for IBM Solutions: Extends IBM Security AppScan vulnerability analysis capabilities to mobile application hardening and runtime protection.
Virtual Forge CodeProfiler for IBM Security AppScan Source: Automates static analysis security testing to identify and remediate vulnerabilities in Advanced Business Application Programming (ABAP) source code.



SmartBear Software is a software company providing tools for the software development, quality assurance and IT professionals. SmartBear software package includes Automated QA, Eviware, an original Smart Bear Software and Pragmatic Software. Smartbear currently offers possibilities for the programme code verification, automated testing, performance/stress testing, API testing and performance profiler suitable for a debugging process. Moreover, it provides tools for management of the software development.

Selected Software Products:


TestComplete provides an open test platform for easily creating, maintaining, and executing automated tests for desktop, Web, mobile, and client-server software applications. We know that everyone has different testing needs, so we´ve made TestComplete available as modules so you can build the framework that works for you.

TestComplete Platform
TestComplete´s open platform provides all of the features and functionality you need to build your test automation. If you´re up for coding, our SDK gives you the power to build extensions and custom capabilities to meet any unique testing requirements. By adding one or more of our TestComplete modules, you get all of the capabilities you´ll need to fully automate your Desktop, Web, and Mobile testing.

TestComplete Desktop Module
Automated testing of .NET, WPF, Windows Store, C++, Delphi, Java, Qt, Visual Basic and 64-bit desktop – TestComplete has it all covered.
TestComplete Web Module
TestComplete fully supports web application functional testing. Use it to verify the functionality and reliability of your web sites and web applications before the go live. Create a web test in one browser in run it in others with little or no changes at all.
TestComplete Mobile Module
TestComplete automates the testing of your native and Web mobile applications. Test on multiple devices without changing your tests, leveraging full access to application internal objects and methods. TestComplete Mobile includes the same powerful functionality you expect from the TestComplete family, including: record and playback, object recognition, and scripting capabilities. TC Mobile also allows you to record common gestures and store them in a library so you can insert them into your recorded tests without having to worry about re-recording them.


SoapUI Pro is loaded with advanced technologies and features you won’t find in other web services testing tools. With an easy-to-use graphical interface and enterprise-class features, SoapUI allows you to rapidly create and execute automated functional tests. In a single test environment, SoapUI provides complete test coverage and supports all the standard protocols and technologies.

Functional Testing
Powerful and innovative features help you validate and improve the quality of your services and applications. No matter if you´re creating new TestSuites, adding TestCases, or adding assertions to your TestCases, it´s all amazingly simple and easy.
API Discovery
The Discovery feature allows you to capture REST traffic by simply using the service through a browser or client. After recording, you can view the traffic log and filter it for traffic type according to your needs. You can also manually select groups of requests or single instances as needed.
SoapUI Mocking let you create robust tests against REST and SOAP Web Services before they are implemented. They eliminate the expense of building full-scale replicas of your production systems and enable consumers to access the services without having to wait for them to be built or available.
Data Driven Testing
In SoapUI Pro, creating data-driven tests is really easy. A DataSource TestStep is available for reading test-data into standard SoapUI properties from a number of external sources (Excel files, XML properties, JDBC sources, files/directories, etc)




JIRA is testing management tool, developed by Atlassian company. JIRA supports and provides possibilities to organize and manage projects, requirements steering, offers flexible tools to organize and manage tasks. JIRA is oriented to support management processes to achieve best QA results.

Let´s mention benefits which JIRA offers:

Project management support
Tasks and team tracking support
Support Agile Methods - Scrum and Kanban
Workflow management
Issue Management
Issue tracker
Scrum development
Release Management, Road Map, Change Log
Permanent information available to the team via a web interface
Monitoring, detailed records and evaluation capacity data for invoicing
Proven track record of project communication
Support for client service and helpdesk
Sharing of communication, information and documents in the team
Reports, statistics, history records
Management reports, summary graphs
Monitor project status and solutions to customer requirements
tasks by priority, due dates
Stable and powerful platform JEE (Java Enterprise Edition)
Support PostgreSQL, MS SQL, ORACLE DB, MySQL and many other db servers


The Apache JMeter™ desktop application is open source software, a 100% pure Java application designed to load test functional behavior and measure performance. It was originally designed for testing Web Applications but has since expanded to other test functions.

Apache JMeter may be used to test performance both on static and dynamic resources (Files, Web dynamic languages - PHP, Java, ASP.NET, etc. -, Java Objects, Data Bases and Queries, FTP Servers and more). It can be used to simulate a heavy load on a server, group of servers, network or object to test its strength or to analyze overall performance under different load types. You can use it to make a graphical analysis of performance or to test your server/script/object behavior under heavy concurrent load.

Apache JMeter features include:

Ability to load and performance test many different server/protocol types (Web - HTTP, HTTPS, SOAP, FTP, LDAP, TCP and other).
Complete portability and 100% Java purity.
Full multithreading framework allows concurrent sampling by many threads and simultaneous sampling of different functions by separate thread groups.
Careful GUI design allows faster Test Plan building and debugging.
Caching and offline analysis/replaying of test results.
Highly Extensible core:
- Pluggable Samplers allow unlimited testing capabilities.
- Several load statistics may be choosen with pluggable timers.
- Data analysis and visualization plugins allow great extensibility as well as personalization.
- Functions can be used to provide dynamic input to a test or provide data manipulation.
- Scriptable Samplers (BeanShell, BSF-compatible languages and JSR223-compatible languages)

Selenium IDE

Selenium IDE is an integrated development environment for Selenium scripts. It is implemented as a Firefox extension, and allows you to record, edit, and debug tests. Selenium IDE includes the entire Selenium Core, allowing you to easily and quickly record and play back tests in the actual environment that they will run in.

Selenium IDE is not only a recording tool: it is a complete IDE. You can choose to use its recording capability, or you may edit your scripts by hand. With autocomplete support and the ability to move commands around quickly, Selenium IDE is the ideal environment for creating Selenium tests no matter what style of tests you prefer.


Easy record and playback
Intelligent field selection will use IDs, names, or XPath as needed
Autocomplete for all common Selenium commands
Walk through tests
Debug and set breakpoints
Save tests as HTML, Ruby scripts, or any other format
Support for Selenium user-extensions.js file
Option to automatically assert the title of every page
Easy customization through plugins