Česká Pojišťovna, a.s.
Česká pojišťovna is a member of Generali PPF Holding B.V. which operates in 10 Central and Eastern European countries. Generali PPF Holding is registered in the Netherlands and its main organizational branch is based in Prague, the Czech Republic. Generali PPF Holding B.V. is a joint venture company of Assicurazioni Generali (76% share) and PPF Group (24% share).
Performance testing of application Sirael
Realization date: 2013
Project parties:
  • Česká Poišťovna, a.s.
  • Borland s.r.o.
  • AIS Softweare, a.s.
Project scope:
  • analyze business requirements
  • create performance scripts
  • design performance scenarios
  • execute and monitor test runs
  • report results to IT and business departments
Business needs:
  • verify the application Sirael can stand the load on future production level (2 000 concurrent users, 5s thinktime)
  • find application limits – maximum number of parallel running users.
  • confirm application design and specification
  • validate utilization of system resources on production environment
Software and Technologies:
  • Borland SilkPerformer 10.0
Česká Pojišťovna, a.s.