Centrálny Depozitár Cenných Papierov SR, a.s.
The CDCP is a joint-stock company that operates on the basis of a licence granted by the National Bank of Slovakia or, respectively, its predecessor – the Financial Market Authority. The central depository’s scope of activity includes primarily the following - registration of issues of book-entry securities, administration of lists of shareholders for paper form registered shares, assignment of ISIN codes, administration of securities accounts, clearing and settlement of transactions in securities, administration of the register of pledges over securities.
Internal application testing - information system iDP, version 5
Realization date: Feb 2011 - Dec 2011
Project parties:
  • Microcomp - QA
  • Sevitech - Integrator
  • Suppliers: Globesy, Ericsson, SAP, B-W-T plus, Dynatech, Gordias, Traco, Zymestic, Aliter, Anex
Project scope:
  • Manual testing of information system IDP version 5.
  • Testing for functionality that directly affects outcomes for customers - this is in particular the calculation of the deposit fee, discounts and partial fees
  • Comparing the results of the manual calculation results in DB IS iDP and printouts.
Business needs:
  • CDCP SR, a.s. adjustments based on their price list, requires modification of the existing version of the information system iDP5 for the purpose of calculating fees for account management including claims for discounts under the new price list and for partial fee for account owner for the National Property Fund, which is related treatment charges for the years 2009, 2010 and 2011, which are based on the current price list CDCP SR, a.s. for that period.
Software and Technologies:
  • Registration of uncertificated securities (ECP)
  • Import settled Tatrabanka
  • Data Import (Transfers to the NPF and others) of the ECP at transmission XML files
  • Data Import (Monthly fees) of ECP at transmission TXT files
  • Export data for Tatra Billing at transmission TXT file
  • Import payments from Tatrabanka at transmission TXT files
  • Online application interface to the Website CDCP
  • Online interface for IS ABP.
Centrálny Depozitár Cenných Papierov SR, a.s.