ŽSR - Železničné telekomunikácie Bratislava
ŽSR - Železničné telekomunikácie is the largest internal unit ZSR providing a wide range of services in the areas of Informatics and Telecommunications with contractually guaranteed quality parameters.
Testing management and automation
Realization date: Dec 2006 - May 2007
Project scope:
  • Delivery and implementation of Testing management and automation with Mercury Quality Center 9.0 and WinRunner.
  • Prepare custom methodology for using these tools.
  • Training of Project / Test managers, Testers, Developers
  • Next phase is integration with HP OpenView and MS Project
Achieved benefits for client:
  • Customer rapidly improve quality management and test management
  • In next 3-5 years save more then 30% expenses in testing
Software and Technologies:
  • HP QualityCenter
  • WinRunner
  • HP OpenView
  • MS Project
ŽSR - Železničné telekomunikácie Bratislava