Asseco Central Europe, a.s.
Asseco Central Europe (Asseco CE) is one of the strongest software houses in Central and Eastern Europe. It is active in Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Other IT and telecommunications oriented companies are also a part of the Aseco Central Europe Group.
RPP – Register Práv a Povinností
Realization date: Jul 2012 - Nov 2012
Project parties:
  • AssecoCE a.s. – app developer
  • butteland s.r.o. – performance test supplier
Project scope:
  • Analyze business requirements
  • Create performance scripts
  • Design performance scenario
  • Execute and monitor test runs
  • Report results to IT and business departments
Business needs:
  • Verify the RPP app can stand the load on production level (500 concurrent users)
  • Find application limits – maximum number of parallel running users.
  • Confirm application design and specification
  • Validate utilization of system resources on production environment
Achieved benefits for client:
  • Performance test hit the system resources limit and showed that system utilization needs to be optimized.
  • Test reached application limits and it revealed business areas, which needs improvements.
  • According test result analysis, the ESRB application is not ready for release into live environment.
Software and Technologies:
  • Tested Application – RPP AIS – Java web app
  • Performance Test Tool - Borland Silk Performer 9.0
Asseco Central Europe, a.s.