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DCOM (Data Centre of Municipalities and Cities)
Realization date: 2013 - 2015
Project parties:
Project scope:
  • The main objective of the project is to make available and to improve the provision of eServices to citizens at regional and local governments.Implementation of the project will benefit the citizens and entrepreneurs, employees of the municipal authorities and the whole public administration.
Achieved benefits for client:
  • Project will provide to municipalities and cities the necessary DCOM application-program support in the processing of cases by government. DCOM information system will also ensure interconnectivity with other government public administration information systems (IS VS) and the main register, and will use common eGov modules.
Software and Technologies:
  • Public web portal (DCOM)
  • Public web portal (municipalities)
  • CPAP (Central Public Administration Portal)
  • Email
  • eRegistry
  • ServiceDesk
  • CRM
  • IAM (Module for setting up electronic identity)
  • SoapUI (requests - integration UPVS vs Portal)
  • eRegistry
  • JIRA
  • SpiraTest (creating, executing tests)
PosAm, spol. s r.o.