Ministry of the Interior of the Slovak Republic
Electronic services of information systems Ministry of interior of the Slovak Republic
Realization date: 2014 - 2015
Project parties:
  • Microcomp - QA
  • Sevitech - Integrator
  • Suppliers - Globesy, Ericsson, SAP, B-W-T plus, Dynatech, Gordias, Traco, Zymestic, Aliter, Anext
Project scope:
  • We are coordinating testing process and participate in test execution. Moreover we provide tools for load tests and test automation. We also provide test management tool for manual tests
Achieved benefits for client:
  • More efficient emergency calls receiving, operational management of patrols based on reported events
  • The opportunity for patrols to communicate with the Officer through the PC in the police car
  • Map client for the public (traffic and emergency situations) and for the Police Office
  • Videoarchive to archive videos from police vehicles, ramers, etc.
  • The statistics provided to the public, Police Force and Organizations outside the Ministry of Interior
Software and Technologies:
  • SAP
  • JIRA
  • Service Desk
  • Enterprise Architect
Ministry of the Interior of the Slovak Republic