First data Slovakia, a.s.
First Data Corporation is a global payment processing company and provider of electronic commerce and payment solutions.
Automation of data verification process
Realization date: 2007
Project scope:
  • Test data preparation
  • Test design and execution
  • Test environment management and preparation
  • Test automation and execution performed upon card transactions
  • Documentation creation
Software and Technologies:
  • HP Quality Center
  • HP WinRunner
  • Python
Test module of transaction system
Realization date: Aug 2006 - Dec 2006
Project scope:
  • Automation tests for one module of transaction system. Roll-out Mercury TestDirector from mother company in UK to Slovak branch.
  • Start using the company standard used in UK in Slovak branch Office
  • Using WinRunner application for testing automation mainly in transaction processes
  • Testing with data driven test cases
Achieved benefits for client:
  • Improve quality of test management
  • Decrease value of labour in testing
  • Improve efficiency with regression testing
  • It’s possible test big amount of trancastions
First data Slovakia, a.s.